Attention all Fuggler fans! Something is stirring in the dark… There’s a hoard of undiscovered Fugglers on the loose and they’re making their way to dark and shadowy corners near you! They’re weird, they’re wacky and they’ve got some new features to show off to their captors…

Who knows how or why it happened, but these undiscovered Fugglers are a bit different… parts of them glow! Each Fuggler has a glow in the dark element somewhere on their creepy bodies, which leave them vulnerable to being wrangled by anyone brave enough to take them on.

We have a feeling these luminous loonies will find their way far and wide around the globe, and our fine Fuggler fans must be warned of their impending invasion! We hope this helps, and when you capture yours make sure you find the glow to know exactly where your little menace is at all times of the day and night.

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