Have you noticed that the Fuggler Wranglers have been hard at work trying to get a whole load of delinquent monsters out of their hair and sent out into the big wide world?

In the deepest, darkest corners of the most hustling and bustling cities, you may find the repulsive New Fuggs on the Block lurking about, ready to renew your sense of self-doubt with their peculiar appearance and grotesque ways!

Breaking hearts and unleashing terror onto any silly sap that falls in love with it, the Love Fugg is ready to tear hearts apart with its agonising antics.

Then there are the Baby Fuggs. These pint-sized troublemakers are more than meets the eye… and boy are they trouble! Be warned, these putrid pipsqueaks may look cute, but they are just as devious as their fully grown counterparts (if not more!)

Watch your backs, these Fuggler monsters are about to be ruining your lives.

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They’ve wreaked havoc in Europe and Down Under, but now they are heading stateside! Yes, it’s true! The turtle-twisted Fugglers are NOW causing chaos in the USA . For those who are foolish enough to love these monsters, the TMNT x Fugglers have now arrived at Walmart.com! While the turtles would usually be out to […]


Have the Fugglers actually managed to get worse?! It seems these Farting Fugglers are a force to be reckoned with. Flatulence is no joke, but these smelly miscreants seem to think they’re funny! Be warned, this is a Public Service Announcement: These wind-breaking bottom burpers have got more mischievous and cunning. They delight in causing […]


Attention all Fuggler fans! Something is stirring in the dark… There’s a hoard of undiscovered Fugglers on the loose and they’re making their way to dark and shadowy corners near you! They’re weird, they’re wacky and they’ve got some new features to show off to their captors… Who knows how or why it happened, but […]